Are you sleeping well?


Jól alszol?

Are you sleeping well? Is your sleep perfect and you wake up rested, recharged?
Or are you struggling with sleep disorders? You just know. You can do something for a restful sleep.

One of the Omega-3 fatty acids is called DHA. The body uses this substance to produce dopamine, serotonin and melatonin. These neurotransmitters positively affect your mood, amount of energy, and (deep) sleep.

In short, Omega-3 (especially DHA) promotes sleep duration and quality in both children and adults.

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Relaxing sleep

1. helps maintain heart health
2. protects against cancer
3. reduces stress
4. reduces inflammation
5. keep awake
6. improves memory
7. helps to lose weight
8. improves mood
9. reduces depression
10. helps the body to regenerate

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