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What can cause chronic inflammation in the human body?

“Low levels of inflammation in the body can be linked to everything from heart problems, diabetes to Alzheimer’s disease.”

University of California Berkeley, School of Public Health (2010)


Too much Omega-6 and too little Omega-3


The problem starts at the cellular level, it needs to be treated there too!

The wall of our cell membrane is a resilient, permeable layer made up mostly of Omega-6 and Omega-3.
If there is too much Omega-6 and too little Omega-3, the cell wall will harden, no nutrients and oxygen will enter, and no toxins can be excreted.


The body’s attempt to restore this situation is inflammation, which, if persistent, results in chronic, i.e., prolonged inflammation.
Every organism responds differently to this inflammation, but it is followed by persistent physical discomfort.


In an inflamed, diseased cell, the membrane is hardened, encapsulated, and therefore nutrients cannot be incorporated.
It’s like they bump into a concrete wall and no toxins can get out, get stuck in it, creating various inflammations with it.
Such as arthritis, intestinal inflammation, indigestion, cancer, and so on.



In a healthy cell, the cell membrane (outer layer of the cell) is resilient, the absorption is successful, i.e. nutrients can be incorporated into the cell very efficiently.
The body is fine, it can do its job well, the organs work in harmony with each other.
We are healthy, we feel good.


Whether the cell membrane remains elastic or hardens depends on the quality of the fats and our diet.

Live a long, quality life.
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Omega-3 oil – a quality test

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