The oils of EQOLOGY are delicious


EQOLOGY’s Omega-3 oils are not only the best in their category, they are also delicious.

A basic consideration is the need for quality.

iTQi is a impartial professional body in Europe.
In a survey organized by iTQi since 2005, judges will reward each product in its own category.
During rigorous sensory examination, based on individual blind tasting and laboratory quality tests.
The jury is made up of internationally renowned chefs, wine and beverage experts, sommeliers and Michelin-starred chefs at the forefront of the European profession.
In awarding the “Superior Taste Award”, tasters do not follow restaurant standards, but subjectively evaluate products.

In 2021, all four EQOLOGY oils received the highest rating in the Omega-3 oils category, 2 Michelin stars.

Experience the health effects of EQOLOGY Omega-3 oils.

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Official site of the International Taste Institute.

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