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Order - United Kingdom


Good advice at the very beginning.
Financially, it doesn’t matter at all what solution you choose.
A regular subscription to Pure Arctic Oil or Pure Vegan Oil Premium entities you 25% discount on all other single products (not subscriptions) every month.
Premium price = Ordinary price – 25 %

When buying standalone oil, the price of 1 bottle of oil is Ordinary price.
In the case of a Subscription or Pre Paid package, 1 bottle of oil costs only Premium price.

Important informations:

The 6-month Pre Paid package contains not only 6 bottles but also 7 bottles of oil.
The 6-month Subscription Package contains a total of not only 6 bottles, but 7 bottles of oil.
The reason is to make up for the severe shortage. 2 bottles of oil for the first month.

Free shipping on Pre Paid packages.

1 bottle of oil is not enough to make up for the deficiency and then maintain the desired condition.
Recommended consumption, minimum 6 months.
This can be followed by a control test (2. Omega-3 test), which shows the improvement in the Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio and the Omega-3 index due to the oil.




Vitamins & minerals

Lifestyle & fitness

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