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If you choose the € 25 entry option, you will only receive a doTERRA membership (with a 25% discount) and a quality catalog, not oil.

If you want oil anyway, choose one of the entry packages or choose oils in addition to the € 25 membership.

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registro doTERRA

Registration process:
Click the «Register» button first.
On the page that appears, select English, then Europe and the country you need.
Then click «Next».

Fill in your details on the page that appears. Fields marked with an asterisk are required. It is important that you do not use accented letters.
Select the time zone.
Enter a password.
After accepting the «Terms and conditions», click the «Continue» button.

If all went well, you will see the “Most Popular Enrollment Packages” for you to choose from. If you find the right one for you, put it in the cart. If you choose an entry package, you do not have to pay the € 25 entry fee. If you can’t find a suitable package, you still have to choose something, which is the «Welcome Package and Registration Fee (English)» package. Put this in the cart. There is no oil involved. If you want oil, you have to put it in the basket separately!

If you want to buy something else, you have to enter the name of the product, or just the beginning of the name. The machine searches for such beginners, so you can choose the right one for you.
When you’re done, click the «View Totals» button. You will then see the total amount increased by the shipping fee. The delivery method is standard, and paying by credit card is the easiest and cheapest option. You will need to enter your credit card information, which you can access by clicking the «Order processing and resume immediately» button.
If you do not pay by credit card, you can choose PayPal as well as bank transfer.
For PayPal, the standard PayPal payment.
In case of a transfer, the system will send the information required for the transfer by e-mail.

Finally, you can set up your next order, called LRP (Loyality Rewards Program).
Feel free to type in any product. You will be able to change it later, delete it if you want something else.
You are eligible for discounts if you place your orders through LRP at a later date.
It is important that you do not forget about it.

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registro doTERRA


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