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Ordering anything from EQOLOGY is not too complicated.
In the following lines, I will outline how you can do it.
If you find it difficult for some reason, or you don’t succeed, or you just aren’t sure, contact me with confidence and search my contact details.
Click here to see my contact information and send a message directly to me.

Good advice at the very beginning.
Financially, it doesn’t matter at all what solution you choose.
A regular subscription to Pure Arctic Oil or Pure Vegan Oil Premium entities you 25% discount on all other single products (not subscriptions) every month.
Premium price = Ordinary price – 25 %

When buying standalone oil, the price of 1 bottle of oil is Ordinary price.
In the case of a Subscription or Pre Paid package, 1 bottle of oil costs only Premium price.

Important informations:

The 6-month Pre Paid package contains not only 6 bottles but also 7 bottles of oil.
The 6-month Subscription Package contains a total of not only 6 bottles, but 7 bottles of oil.
The reason is to make up for the severe shortage. 2 bottles of oil for the first month.

Free shipping on Pre Paid packages.

1 bottle of oil is not enough to make up for the deficiency and then maintain the desired condition.
Recommended consumption, minimum 6 months.
This can be followed by a control test (2. Omega-3 test), which shows the improvement in the Omega-3 to Omega-6 ratio and the Omega-3 index due to the oil.

Shopping process:

1. Choose the package below that is right for you and click the link below the package (corresponding to the package). / Packages and links at the end of the description. /

2. On the pop-up page, add this appearing package to the shopping cart.
to order

3. In the MY CART window that appears in the upper right corner, click on SHOPPING CART.


4. Then on the right side of the page that shows the LOGIN title, under the – NEW CUSTOMER, you should see the number 12673708 after the EQ ID NUMBER.


If you see this, click the REGISTER button.

If you do not see this, enter 12673708 here and click REGISTER.

5. On the screen that appears, enter your personal information, a username and a password.



Listen to confirm that you are over 18 years old.
Click the box in front of the I confirm text. You should then see the following:

If you also have it, click the REGISTER button.

6. On the last screen you have to enter the payment method and finally click on the red button in the lower right corner.


Ordering, as you can see, is not that difficult.
First, enter the destination country to which we will mail it.
Then, on the page that opens, select the package below that is right for you and click the link below the package (corresponding to the package).

Which country is the destination?
Click on the country flag or country name.

flag-united-kingdom-45x30 United Kingdom (Jungtinė Karalystė)

flag-germany-45x30 Deutschland (Vokietija)

flag-austria-2-45x30 Österreich (Austrija)

flag-switzerland-2-45x30 Schweiz (Šveicarija)

flag-hungary-2-46x30 Magyarország (Vengrija)

flag-croatia-46x30 Hrvatska (Kroatija)

flag-slovenia-45x30 Slovenija (Slovėnija)

flag-italy-45x30 Italia (Italija)

flag-spain-1-45x30 España (Ispanija)

flag-netherlands-45x30 Nederland (Olandija)

flag-poland-45x30 Polska (Lenkija)

flag-france-1-45x30 France (Prancūzija)

Danmark (Danija)

România (Rumunija)

Slovensko (Slovakija)

flag-czech-1-45x30 Česká republika (Čekijos Respublika)

Eesti (Estija)

flag-ireland-1-45x3 Éireann (Airija)

flag-of-lithuania-1-45x30 Lietuva





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